Caring for toddlers includes the provision of adequate facilities for hygiene.  Portable kid’s sinks are a wonderful way to improve standards of hygiene apart from helping to inculcate good habits in the toddler. Early childhood is the perfect time to teach kids about personal hygiene and the importance of hand washing. Here is the complete guide to help select the best toddler sink for your kids.

Choose right height toddler sink

It is important to ensure that the kids bathroom sink is of the right height to offer convenient access to the toddlers. Rather than a frustrating session of trying to leap and reach the faucet or sink, it is necessary to choose one of the right height. Toddlers who are unable to reach and use the sink may require the assistance of others or may simply avoid using the sink altogether. Moreover, the chances of toddlers getting injured while trying to reach a high sink are also high.

Trendy and attractive designs and colors to encourage use

Kids in early stages of life seem to be attracted to objects that appear vibrant and attractive. It is therefore best to choose a toddler sink that is designed with colors and patterns that are eye catching and appealing to kids. It is important to bear in mind that the color preferences of kids are a lot different from the color preferences of adults. The colors should be chosen on the basis of perceived preferences of kids.

Reliable locking facility on swivel casters

The swivel casters of the toddler sinks need to be reliable with a failsafe lock facility. After deployment at locations, the swivel casters when locked should not move across floors. This will ensure that toddlers do not get injured due to unwanted movement of the sinks.

Warm water facility in the sinks

The options of providing warm water from the faucets are not just desirable, but should ideally be mandatory. This will help to wash the grime off the hands of toddlers and prevent the risk of infections. Contact us if you have any questions about our kids’ bathroom sinks.