Buying science lab workstations is a major capital expense – one that will have major impact on the comfort, health and productivity of your students. The purchase becomes even more complicated when you consider factors such as the purchase price, your laboratory layout, usage flexibility and the varying age/height of the kids who will be using the workstation. Need help with making your choice? Here is a guide that will help you select the best science lab workstation for your classroom:

Consider all the costs

This purchase will involve various other expenses such as shipping and transportation costs, expenses for installation and set-up, connecting the pipes and water supply with the sink, cost for add-on accessories, seating apparatus and more. Make sure you select a lab portable workstation product that genuinely falls within your budget with all the above expenditures factored into the equation.

Consider ergonomics

Your students will be spending a considerable amount of time working on these lab stations. In order to make sure that they are comfortable while using them, you should make sure that the workstation is of the right height for use while standing and while sitting. Since students from different age groups will be using these workstations, it will also be good to select a product that is adjustable as per the user’s height and comfort needs.

Consider strength

Kids are kids – the chance of your science lab workstation sustaining inadvertent or intentional damage at the hands of the students using them will always be present. You should therefore, ensure that the lab workstation you select has a sturdy design and scratch-proof finish that can take the rough use that your students will be subjecting it to.

Just follow the above tips to select the most suitable science lab workstation for your classroom. Hope this guide helps!

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