With the right portable science lab workstation, your class demonstrations and experiments will run smoothly and always as they should. Investing in chemistry lab sinks made from the right materials and equipped with the proper features will help make sure that your science experiments will not cause damage to school property and that your students are kept out of harm’s way whenever performing their activities. Here are some things you should remember when shopping for portable science lab workstations in California:

  • Top and base materials are critical considerations when choosing the right lab workstation for your classroom. Depending on the types of activities and experiments that you typically perform in class, you should choose the kind of laminate that can withstand the demands of your class assignments. For instance, plastic laminates may not be ideal for experiments that involve chemicals and volatile substances. If you want chemical-resistant lab workstations, invest in units that come with acid and chemical resistant surfaces that can withstand such substances. When it comes to longevity and durability, it pays choosing base materials that offer good support for the entire lab setup, such as solid wood, steel, and laminate.
  • There are also different types of lab workstations that you can choose from, ranging from lab tables to workstations and sinks, as well as mobile units, that you can move around from class to class. Some workstations even include additional storage for keeping supplies in hand whenever you need them.
  • Other additional features you should look for when investing in science lab workstations include demonstration mirrors, which allow students to view your experiments and demonstrations from various angles, along with steel platforms and adjustable tables and compartments for ergonomics. Adjustable height lab stations are also ideal for accommodating smaller children or perhaps those with mobility challenges.