A portable sink is essential in every classroom. It can help your school teach kids proper hygiene by developing a habit of washing their hands. Moreover, it can be a step to preventing diseases from spreading by hand contact. This way portable sinks for classrooms can be great investments in ensuring everyone’s health and wellbeing on campus. Portablesink.com carries a wide array of portable sinks that can be customized for any classroom. They have a selection of self-contained modular sinks for modular classrooms, too, so you do not have to look elsewhere.

Portable sinks for classrooms are self-contained, so there is no need to install plumbing. They have their own waste water disposal system, too, which you can empty later on. Their built-in water supply tanks provide clean running water to easily wash dirt, grime, or germs off the hands and off utensils or equipment and tools. Depending on your requirements, Portablesink.com can equip the sinks with an electric pump and an optional heater to provide hot water.

You can have your portable sinks for classrooms customized in any color or design to match your school’s interiors or represent the character of your campus. Portablesink.com can even customize them with one to four basins, depending on your requirements. The products can be designed as complete workstations, which can be practical for science laboratories and modular classrooms alike. You can even have special features like custom storage and wheelchair access added to the design.

Portablesink.com makes portable sinks for classrooms out of durable anti-bacterial polymers, which will not rot, peel, or deteriorate, unlike wooden self-contained sinks. You can count on your investment to last for many semesters. And because they are lightweight, they can easily be transferred from one classroom to another. Some models have fold-down tables, which will allow the sink to fit through a single door.