You’ll probably spend at least a quarter of your babysitting time on diaper duty. Considering a portable changing station for baby can help make baby cleaning moments less of a hassle. Baby changing stations, although not necessarily an absolute essential, is a great addition to baby’s nursery as they help keep your diaper changing area organized, with all of baby’s cleaning essentials within reach.

Portable sink manufacturers also offer great options for a portable changing station for baby. When you are in the market for a changing table, it pays searching for a well-designed unit that will be worth your investment. If you make the right choice, you can use the same table well into your baby’s second year, and with the right accessories and dresser combination, you can use the unit well into their childhood years.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to diaper changing (as a matter of fact, a lot of parents simply use the bed or their baby’s crib to change baby’s nappy), it pays having a dedicated space to clean and change your child, so that there will be less chances of contaminating other areas of your room or nursery or having to clean diaper mess off of your mattress.

When shopping for a portable changing station for baby, look for ideal features like a guard rail or a similar type of attachment to add safety to the changing surface. Pediatrics boards recommend at least 2 inches of railing around standard changing stations. Look for a sturdy construction so that your changing table won’t shake around as baby moves or feel rickety when setting the baby down. Some changing stations even feature their own storage units and compartments for more versatile use. Others still include safety straps as aids for when you need to take your hands off your baby even for just a second; preventing them from flipping rolling off the changing station.