Portable sinks are mini marvels in washing innovation, offering solutions to a wide range of requirements straddling homes, hotels, schools and hospitals etc. Various models of portable sinks are available to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses alike. It may sometimes appear daunting to make the right choice in the face of many options and features in products. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the most appropriate model of portable sinks to meet your requirements.

Size of sinks as per doorways

The very first aspect of portable sinks that you need to be consider is the size. The sinks should move through the doorways at your residence or commercial space easily.  Have a good idea of the width of the doors and doorways.  This will help to get the right size of sinks that can be wheeled easily in your location.

Number of sinks as per requirement

Different models of portable sinks are available to meet specific requirements. For instance, a salon can sometimes make do with a single sink, if the need is to only wash or shampoo. A mobile food business outlet on the other hand may require a model with two or three basins that will help to wash, rinse and sanitize the utensils per the health requirements.

Cabinet space for storing accessories 

Models come with different storage space and cabinets. Choose a model that actually meets your storage requirements. A mobile food business entity that offers hand-washing options to patrons may not actually require more cabinet space in the sinks. On the other hand, a hospital or an educational institution may require more space to store items that may be required at short notice and frequently.

Colors and finish to match the themes and decor

With a lot of effort going into the choice of a suitable portable sink, it is also important to choose a mobile wash basin that matches the interiors. For instance, a formal and wood finish cabinet may match décor in some locations, whereas a vibrant and bold color combination may be more suitable in day care centers.