When you think of beautifully catered events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events or even family reunions, you typically think of an amazing location if it is held in the warmer months of the spring through the fall.

In fact, outdoor events are extremely popular for all types of gatherings, and often these events are held in areas where there are limited amenities for food prep and for hand washing facilities for staff as well as guests.

One way that a catering service or a food truck can differentiate themselves from the competition to cater to these events is to bring these types of services and equipment options with them. This can be the difference between being hired for an event or not, given that most caterers and food trucks are already very competitive in their pricing.

The Hand Washing Solution

With a mobile hand washing station, you can set up to allow your staff, as well as guests, to quickly and easily wash up before the food service begins. These food truck sinks come in several different models including those that do not require an electrical supply to keep water at the right temperature for washing up.

The cabinets and the design of the mobile hand washing station completely hides the hot and cold water tanks, the heating fuel source, as well as the waste water container. This means no complicated gray water hoses that will drain soapy water a few feet away, so they can be used in any location without any issues with the facility.

Options for Large Crowds

The best companies offer an excellent range of styles and options in portable sinks and hand washing stations. This includes single and double sink models for smaller gatherings, and even one unit with four basins for larger gatherings. Each sink has its own faucets, allowing each user to control the water flow and temperature.

For large gatherings, you may want to consider a mobile hand washing station that is permanently mounted on a trailer. These can typically be custom designed to meet the buyer’s needs, but they include larger sinks, soap dispensers, fully contained clean and gray water tanks as well as a raised area behind the sinks that has a mirror.

While you may want to buy your own portable hand washing stations, and many caterers do, food truck sinks can also be rented. This is a great option if you only do a few outdoor or remote catering services a year, and it still allows you to provide your customers with that little extra touch.