Running a hair salon means finding a good choice of shampoo sinks. These sinks are tools of the trade for you. So the goal is to find a good one, sturdy and strong enough to last you for years. And if you’re up exploring your options, then why not take a look at portable ones you can use?

Ideal for tight spaces

This equipment is ideal for you if you’re going to need a hair-washing sink that comes with a lot of features and goodies but one you can still store in case you don’t have enough room in your salon. Portable ones also work well if you have a tiny or cramped space. If you’re just starting out in the business, you can save up on capital by simply going for portable shampoo basins and going for a small space. This way, you can move it around the space, depending on how many customers or people you have at the moment. Portable ones make it supremely easy for you to manage the tight space and be creative about how to service clients or store it away.

Great for home services

If you’re offering home services, though, portable ones are a lifesaver. If you’re always on the move, then this is a necessary piece of tool you need to have. With a portable shampoo sink, you can provide your customers with a range of hair services, treatments and solutions, from hair washing to color treatments.

Convenient and saves on space

There are plenty of other reasons to go for a portable sink. You can save up on space which is a definite plus. It’s also incredibly convenient to use so you get to have fresh running water anywhere and anytime you need it.

Custom made designs available

At Monsam Enterprises, though, we go a step further. We offer all our portable sinks with custom designs. So if you have a specific color, size, height or style in mind, you won’t have to scour shops looking for a match. You can come to us and we’ll gladly work with you to create the portable sinks you want. Whether it’s about adding special features or getting it in a certain size, you can have portable shampoo basins that really match the needs of your business.

So if you would like to provide your clients with a number of treatment choices on-the-go or in a tight space, make sure to add a portable sink that matches these qualities to your equipment and tools.