Changing your baby’s diaper is usually challenging, but it can become a bit easier when you have a flat and stable surface. Most changing tables are just that—a plain table. Some have slots where you can put the baby wipes and diapers. The good news is that there is such a thing as a diaper changing table with a portable sink—a life-changing tool that can make the task easier by ensuring that cleaning up is a breeze. This specially designed portable baby changing table offers a secure surface where you can place a diaper changing mat for your baby, plus a self-contained sink to provide readily accessible water to help you clean up.

You do not have to leave your baby unattended to wash your hands when you have a diaper changing table with a portable sink. This makes self-contained sinks a lifesaver to parents and guardians who are looking for more convenience. You can purchase one from a trusted manufacturer of portable sinks, but make sure that it is made of durable anti-bacterial polymer that will not peel or rot over time. That feature should also make the table and the sink easier to clean and maintain.

The diaper changing table with a portable sink can be customized in any design or color of your choosing. You can make it match the interior design of your baby’s nursery, and request special features, like a hot water heater, so it can dispense hot running water. Some manufacturers can customize the sink with longer handles for the faucet or make the actual product lower to make them ADA-compliant.  You can even add an electric food switch, so you can activate the faucet while holding your baby securely. Since it is a self-contained sink, it does not require you to do any plumbing. All you need to do is set it up where you want to change your baby’s diapers and it will be good to go. Waste water will be stored in another tank for later disposal.