A science lab is a critical place that needs flowing water that can help with the clean-up of equipment, hands, and accessories for experiments. If plumbing cannot be installed in the room, you do not have to leave to do the washing somewhere else. You can set up a portable science lab, which comes with a temporary sink. This way, you and your scientists will easily be able to rinse and sanitize equipment, and wash your hands. Also known as a mobile workstation, it has a fold-down table to allow for a compact form in case you are transferring it to another room and it has to go through a conventional single door. You can also fold it down when not in use to save space.

Having a mobile science lab is practical for every workstation where experiments are being done. Certain chemicals can be harmful and unsafe when left alone, so they need to be disposed of properly. Their vessels must be thoroughly cleansed with free-flowing water, too, to make sure that they leave no residue, which may affect the chemical mixture of other substances that will be placed in the same equipment. Self-contained sink  has a tank that will provide running water for proper cleansing of lab equipment and accessories, and another tank for the waste water to safely store contaminated fluids for easy disposal later.

High-quality science lab tables with sinks are made of specialized polymers that can protect against bacteria. They do not have any laminate peeling that can deteriorate overtime. Moreover, they can withstand spills and contact with various chemicals, so you do not have to worry about them rotting or getting damaged easily. A portable science lab can also be designed for users with special needs. There are ADA accessible mobile sinks and portable labs that have room for wheelchair access. Be sure to get this type of product from a reputable manufacturer that can customize the portable and self contained according to your specific requirements.