Accessibility is a modern buzzword that seems to get thrown around product manufacturer circles. What accessible products require and entail are designs and features that ensure compliance with the American Disability Act (ADA) standards and recommendations. An ADA compatible portable sink is one that’s been designed to meet high standards for health and safety as mandated by the National Sanitary Foundation and the ADA.

When a portable sink is ADA-compatible, it means that it is designed to accommodate the needs and physical limitations or restrictions of wheelchair bound people as well as those who are differently-abled. For instance, a portable ADA sink could be designed to have a single-lever handle for simple and easy water operation.

A good example of an ADA compatible portable sink is the NS-2020, which is an NSF certified ADA stainless steel sink that offers an excellent portable hand washing solution, designed for people in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. The NS-2020 is a great addition to any facility wishing to be more welcoming and accommodating to differently-abled visitors, guests, and perhaps customers or clients. This portable sink is designed with ADA standards in mind, featuring controls and components that simplify operation like a lever handle that makes it easy to turn the flow of water on or off.

The NS-2020 portable sink even features heavy duty swivel casters, which allow stability or mobility as needed. It is a single-compartment sink that dispenses both hot and cold water for convenient hand washing and other sanitary applications. If you are in need of a portable sink that operates without the need for additional or conventional plumbing, the NS-2020 sink is a good piece of equipment to consider. Other worth mentioning features include an adjustable water heater and a 5-gallon fresh water tank and a 6-gallon receptacle for wastewater.