Portable sinks are handy tools for many occasions. Whether you are hosting a festival, running a daycare, managing a mobile food truck, or perhaps a construction site, mobile sinks are worthwhile purchases as they help maintain health and hygiene in many occasions and locations. Having a portable mobile sink unit on the ready for people to wash their hands with clean, running, and sometimes even warm water, is a great way to uphold good hygiene and encourage regular hand washing. Below are the best advantages of choosing mobile sinks over stationary wash stations:

  • Portable sinks don’t only offer the benefit of portability and mobility, but also the versatility of a complete wash station. Many modern units are equipped with a complete set of accessories and add-ons that make them even more ideal for use in various settings. Apart from a clean water reservoir and a draining sink where you can clean up, many portable washing units also come with in-built soap dispensers, as well as paper towel dispensers so you can clean your hands thoroughly and wipe thereafter. Other portable sinks also come with heaters, so they can dispense warm water.
  • Another benefit of mobile sinks is that they allow for more hygienic hand washing with the help of hands-free pedals and/or infrared sensors, which enable users to operate the washing station without touching any knobs or handles. Pedals are often used to activate the water supply, while infrared sensors are typically used to operate soap dispensers and keep dirty hands from spreading dirt, oil, and germs.
  • Perhaps the most obvious benefit of mobile sinks is portability and mobility, which allows for more versatility, when setting up hand washing stations in different locations, such as in the case of festivals and outdoor events, and even in school settings where mobile sinks have to be transferred from one classroom to the next.