Portable camping sinks give you the luxury and convenience of a counter sink unit in a mobile form factor that you can use virtually anywhere. It is great for use on camping or outdoor trips where access to a proper wash area is limited or non-existent.

Portable sink units come in many designs and materials you can choose from to suit your particular taste. Most are made with a robust cabinet and frame to stand up to the rigors of the road and outdoor use.  The surfaces and finishes are also made from hardwearing material ideal for roughing it out in a camp site. Most modern portable sinks are equipped with self powered pumps to bring up water through its tap when you turn on the faucets. These can draw out power from either a car or camper supply or from its own built in battery for convenience in the outdoors.

A portable camping sink works as a stand-alone unit with its own supply tank of clean water and a catch tank for spent wash water. Fresh water from the built-in tank is pumped up to the faucet via an electric pump activated when the faucet is turned on. An optional water heater can be employed to provide a hot water tap in addition to the directly pumped water supply. The sink’s drain is connected to a dedicated waste water tank where the dirty water is collected for later disposal. To use a portable sink, all you need to do is fill up the water tank and turn on the taps to pump hot or cold water through the faucet. The used water in the sink empties into the dedicated waste water tank.

Consult with a specialist provider of portable camping sinks to customize and design a portable sink unit according to your material and style preferences and needs.

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