A portable science lab or mobile science cart is an excellent tool for learning in classrooms. If your school doesn’t have dedicated science lab facilities, perhaps investing in a science lab workstation can offer a good introduction to the world of scientific research and experiments for your students. More than portable hand washing, a mobile science sink makes the perfect place to demonstrate different scientific concepts in a more practical and easy to understand manner.

A mobile science cart is perfect for small classrooms that may not have enough space for a dedicated or fixed science lab area. The great thing about a portable science lab is that it can easily be put away when not needed. Their mobility also allows science teachers to bring the lab from classroom to classroom and even across different buildings, in front of lecture halls, general assemblies, and other events or situations where a demonstration station might be needed.

A mobile science lab workstation is also a cost-effective means to provide students with their own mini science lab. Teachers can divide their class into groups or pairs to share these mobile science carts so they can conduct experiments on their own. Science carts are not like your typical portable hand washing stations. They are made out of chemical-resistant materials so as to resist accelerated wear due to the different substances that are handled around and on them. They also include different safety features to help keep students and users away from chemical-related accidents.

With a portable science lab, you don’t only get a versatile science lab workstation but also an organized and safe storage area for different kinds of science supplies that are typically used for demonstrations, experiments and science exercises. This way, they can be within easy reach whenever the need arises.