Hand washing may be a simple and quick task, but although necessary, it is often overlooked. For this reason, the spread of disease and infection is more likely, as germs and viruses can be contracted and passed through our hands. Improper washing of tools used for eating, health, science, and cosmetic purposes may result in contamination and illness, too. So, to prevent those issues, people must be encouraged to wash their hands and tools properly. Getting a portable sink is a first step to encouraging proper hygiene and sanitation everywhere. Here are the top five places where they may be needed:

  1. Schools – Good habits are best taught to kids, and when hand washing is encouraged and practiced daily in school, they are more likely to carry that good habit as they grow up and become responsible adults. Monsam Portable sink can easily be set up in classrooms, school entrances, cafeterias, outdoor dining areas, playgrounds, athletic fields, gyms, and laboratories to make sure that kids have a means to wash their hands when needed. Manufacturers can customize them to be tall enough for preschool kids to reach and use, and in colors that will be attractive to the little ones.
  2. Food Service Vendors – Commercial portable sink can be customized with various accessories and other options to suit your food service requirements. They are made of FDA-approved plastics and lightweight aluminum to ensure their safety and durability, especially in the toughest working environments. They provide hot and cold running water, without the need of plumbing. .
  3. Health and beauty establishments – Portable Shampoo Sink can be very helpful to hairdressers, and estheticians. While saving the cost of installing plumbing. They can be customized and fitted with accessories that will match the décor of the spa, or salon.
  4. Science laboratories – Free flowing water is essential to science labs, making portable science lab essential in any lab setting, also allowing five students and a teacher to conduct science experiments at the same time, both inside and outside. Some models come with a fold-down table, so you can work and have easier access to the sink.
  5. Outdoors – Portable hand wash stations are handy when you want the comfort of clean running water in the wilderness, especially when power outlets, plumbing, and electricity are unavailable or limited. Some models have a long-lasting battery with its own charger that provides running water anywhere anytime.