Not quite sold on portable sinks just yet? Here are four very good reasons to buy a portable sink with wheels:

Outdoor Sink for Kids

Do your kids spend a lot of time outdoors? Do they almost always bring home with them clumps of grass, dirt, and other mysterious, sticky substances that always manage to find their stubborn way to your kitchen? By putting a portable hand wash sink out in your backyard, you give your kids a place to wash the dirt off their hands and face right in their playground. No more running into the house to wash the mud off. In addition, your kids bring less of that dirt inside the house which means there’s less dirt to sweep away.

Your Garden Sink

Do you do a lot of gardening? Then a portable hand wash sink right in your own garden is just the thing you need. You won’t have to get into the house just to wash the dirt off your hands before you start digging into the ground again. With the portable sink, you can have the convenience of enjoying clean water to wash your hands or tools. Just make sure you pick a portable sink that’s designed for outdoor use so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down any time soon.

Sink for Outdoor Events

Fond of organizing barbeque parties out in your backyard? Or maybe you hold a weekly get-together with friends? What about all year round kiddie parties? If you’re always organizing outdoor events, having a portable hand wash sink is handy and convenient. From parties in the garden to summertime block parties, a portable sink makes it convenient for everyone to wash their hands before eating. No need to direct guests to the kitchen or your personal bathroom just so they can wash their hands. Your guests won’t have to be inconvenienced by having to go inside the house just to make sure their hands are clean and dry before they sit down to a meal. With a portable sink, keeping those hands clean, dry and germ-free right before every meal is easy.

Portable Food Station

This is another reason to get your own portable hand sink. Since some hand sinks offer huge basins, you could basically put it out during the festivities and put in enough supplies to make it a handy food station, where people could wash their hands and get condiments, among other things.

These are only a few reasons to buy portable sinks. To view more choices, visit our huge collection of portable sinks at Monsam.

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