Portable sinks offer a versatile solution to your plumbing needs, allowing you to bring a washing area with clean running water wherever you need. Multiple basin sinks provide even more flexibility to cater to an assortment of uses. Here are 4 different types of portable multi-basin sinks:

  1. Commercial 3 Bowl SinksThese multi basin setups are composed of three 10” sink bowls which provide generous space for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing utensils and other kitchen equipment. They are ideal for small restaurants or for deployment to food festivals or other outdoor events. They are built with durable materials and are equipped with a stainless-steel sink counter top, splash back and integrated drain board.
  2. Commercial 3 Deep-Basin Portable SinkThese particular sink units are designed for high traffic, high capacity use. Equipped with three large wash basins, they can provide extra room for heavy wash loads and extra washing space for your needs. The sink and counter tops are designed to adhere to health and safety standards making this unit ideal for food service and preparation.
  3. NSF Certified Three Basin Utensil Washing Self Contained SinkThis is a specially designed portable sink unit with extra deep wash bowls and free flowing hot and cold taps, built on a sturdy frame for heavy duty use. The cabinet is proudly built in the USA using high quality aluminum and FDA approved plastic fittings. They are available in a variety of colors to match any interior décor and are ideal for use in schools, restaurants, and other food service applications.
  4. Three Level Portable Sinks

    These portable sinks offer multiple basins set up in a staggered-height configuration, thus providing a variety of sink levels that make the unit suitable and easy to use for both adults and children at the same time. These sink models are perfect for use in malls, schools, offices, and other multiple use buildings.