When most people think of outdoor portable sink units, the two most common applications tend to be in school settings as well as in medical facilities. While a lot of our Monsam models do end in these places, there are three other applications for these highly versatile and practical sinks that we thing should be examined a bit closer.

Work Floor and Job Site

As a business owner or commercial property owner, you know how costly it can be to have to run water lines and drains to the more remote areas of your workplace. For those companies operating out of job sites such as construction companies, landscapers and renovation crews, having the option to use a portable hand wash station offers workers a real benefit.

When hand washing stations are available any type of contact exposure to chemicals, glues, industrial products or other harmful materials is much less problematic. Your employees can access the portable sinks anytime they are needed, providing a healthier workplace for everyone even when standard running water systems may not be available.

Daycare Facilities

With more and more daycares operating out of homes and modified storefront types of building having portable hand wash station models designed for kids to use is a must.

Not only is this important for quick cleanups, but access to water for washing is also required under the guidelines for operating a daycare facility. When kids have access to portable sinks, they are learning good personal hygiene skills and staff can easily monitor children as they use the sinks right in the classroom or facility.

Mobile Catering Services

Mobile catering service and food trucks can definitely benefit by the addition of a portable hand wash station. This is perfect for staff, but it can also be provided as an additional feature for guests to use.

Since many mobile catering companies are asked to provide food and meals where running water isn’t available, this provides a safe, sanitary and convenient option. Small in size and designed to include up to four different basins, these are an investment in food handling safety and necessary equipment.

There are many other uses for portable sinks and hand washing stations. We are constantly hearing from our past customers how they have found unique and interesting uses for our outdoor portable sinks and products, and that inspires us to keep designing models to fit those needs.