If you’re in the food business, then you already know you need a 3 compartment sink to survive all the mayhem and action. Here are 3 ways triple compartment food service sinks make life easier for you:

Less Waiting Time

By having portable sinks with three basins, you make it easy for your crew to wash food without having to wait for each another to finish at the sink. That cuts down on the time it takes to prepare the food, cook it and serve it. As with all food businesses, the shorter the waiting time, the better. Making customers wait tend to puts a damper on their dining experience and could ruin what would have been a pleasant experience otherwise. Sometimes, even while the food is cooked to perfection, longer wait times can get in the way of them fully enjoying the meal. So that when the meal arrives, they’re simply not as engaged anymore. The longer they wait, the more disengaged and dissatisfied they get that even a tasty dinner fare—one that arrived too late by their standards—won’t stand a chance. Don’t let that happen. By installing a portable 3 compartment sink, you can shave minutes off your waiting time and improve customer service in your restaurant or business.

Multiple Use

For those assigned with kitchen duties, having three wash basins makes it possible to soak up dishes in one basin, soap and rinse them up in the second and give them a final rinse in the third. And because the sink comes with hot and cold water options, sanitizing your utensils or washing and rinsing every dish is convenient and easy.

Ready for Anything

Do your supplies arrive daily? Then you know how important it is to have multiple sinks ready. There’s meat to prepare, vegetables to wash, fish to skin and debone. There are, in fact, all sorts of things that need to be done right before you can open the restaurant and welcome your first customer for the day. With a 3 compartment sink, you can get those things done faster and open your doors to your customers, bright and early.

Mobile Convenience

And because the food service sinks are portable, they cost less. The units are also movable so you can move yours around, especially when you’re busy in the kitchen and need more elbow room.

These are just some of the ways a triple basin sink makes life better for you. For more choices, browse through our extensive line of portable sinks at Monsam.

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